Modern Designs

Daring Modern Designs

Origami rings

Origami Rings

Striking geometry and bright colors make this a design with real attitude. Surprisingly comfortable to wear, too!

Seventh summer

Seventh Summer

Designed during the 7th summer of the business, this design adds a much-needed counterpoint to the curvaceous lines of our ever-popular Golden Scroll Collection. The clean geometry and modernist combination of extreme curves and sharp angles gives this design a space-age feel. Three sizes are available: 4mm (earrings), 6mm, or 9mm gemstone.

Geometric elegance

Geometric Elegance

Clean lines and angles contrast with the round center stone.

Rubellite tourmaline & pearl

Rubellite Tourmaline and Pearl

Intersecting curves suspended in perfect balance.

Tahitian black pearl & diamond

Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond

Liquid gold appears to flow around a magnificent black pearl.

Golden Scroll Necklace

Golden Scroll Necklace

The Golden Scroll Collection offers a variety of components that can be combined in many ways to form graceful designs.
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