Hand Engraving

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Engraved pendants
Engraved pendants
Engraved pendants

Engraved Pendants

Introducing Eric's new Heirloom initial pendants in recycled sterling silver. Each piece is created by hand from scratch. The silver is melted, rolled into a sheet, cut into blanks, and finally engraved by hand in Eric's shop.

Hand engraving creates a high degree of detail and visual interest that other techniques cannot match. Super-fine shade lines create the illusion of three-dimensional depth.

Actual size 1 1/4" X 3/4" including the bail. $275 with chain.

Hand engraved wedding bands

Hand Engraved Wedding Bands

One-of-a-kind hand engraved bands in white gold, rose gold, and palladium with 24k gold inlay and brown diamonds.

Relief engraving

Relief Engraving

In this style, the background is carved away to create a more sculpted, three-dimensional effect. Time-consuming and beautiful. Additionally, each little dot along the edges was created individually, one at a time.

1911 pistol slide

1911 Pistol Slide

Interlaced scroll design enhances the beauty of almost anything, including knives, guns, and of course jewelry.

Spyderco dragonfly

Spyderco Dragonfly

With new carbide gravers, even stainless steel and titanium can be engraved with elegant details.

1911 military slide

1911 Military Slide

Pistol slide engraved with the U.S. Marines insignia, as well as the motto across the top.
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